June: Laugh Party, Westside Comedy Theater, 8pm

April 14: BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, R Bar, 10pm

April 13: Write Club, Angel City Brewery, 8pm

April 2: Giant Robot Comedy, Sawtelle Blvd, 8pm


March 22: Friendship Buddies, Verdugo Bar, 8pm


February 24: Blind Barber, Culver City, 7:30pm

January 29: Rod Stewart Live, 9pm

January 13: Barney's Beanery, Pasadena, 9pm


January 2: Peacock, Club Tee Tee, 8pm


December 13: Comedy Show, Pee Pee Theatre, Pasadena, 8pm

November 23 & 24: DETOUR, Fanatic Salon Theater, 3pm

October 12: Saturday Show, Westside Comedy Theater, 8pm


July 31 - August 26: Detour, Underbelly Bristo Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2:35pm

July 21: DETOUR, Fanatic Salon, 7pm

July 15: Barney's Beanery, Pasadena,  9pm

July 14: Backstory: American Daughter, Victory Theatre, 7:30pm

July 6: Tao Comedy Studio, 8pm

June 30: Mom's Spaghetti, LA Connection Comedy Theatre, 8pm

June 30: DETOUR, Fanatic Salon, 2pm

June 29: DETOUR, Fanatic Salon, 8pm

June 27: 4574 S. Centinela, 8pm

June 22: Buena Park, 8pm

June 20: Laughterhouse 5, Bookstore, 8pm

June 12: Venice Underground, 9pm

June 8: Saturday Show, Westside Comedy Theater, 8pm

June 6: Comedy & Comics, Hi De Ho Comics, 8pm

June 2: Golden Hour, START Los Angeles, 7:30pm

June 1: Kids in the Yard, 8:30pm

May 27: Classic Comedy, American Barber Shop, 9pm

May 26: DETOUR, Mimoda Studio, 7pm

May 25: DETOUR, Mimoda Studio, 8pm

May 23: Canteen Points, Burbank, 8pm

May 22: Comedy Kennel, Second City, 8pm

May 16: Romantic Comedy, The Ripped Bodice, 8pm

May 11: Saturday Show, Westside Comedy Theater, 8pm

May 10: All That Jazz, Skiptown Playouse, 8pm

May 9: Oeno vino, 9:30pm

May 8: OMG, Blood Goose Lounge, 8pm

April 28: Arroyo Comedy, Seco Golf Course, 7pm

April 25: Some Kind of Show, Pack Theater, 8pm

April 24: Philanthrophy, 8pm

April 22: Poncho's, Manhattan Beach, 9pm

April 16: Comedy in English, Hostel, Santa Monica, 8:30pm

April 14: Pointless Comedy, The Clubhouse, 8pm

April 8: Write Cub, Bootleg Theater, 7:30pm


April 7: Friendship Buddies, Verdugo bar, 8pm

April 4: Backdoor Bandits, Meea's hotdogs, 8pm

April 2: BLAM, R Bar, 8pm

April 1: Good Humor, Mom's Bar, 8pm


March 23: Comedy Bunker, Burbank, 8pm

March 7: Big Money, The Virgil, 8pm

March 1: Magic Punch, Skiptown Playhouse, 8:45pm

February 16: Bertha, Oeno Vino, 9pm

February 5: Live from Glendale, 1300 S. Brand Blvd, Glendale, 8pm

February 3: Friend Zone, Clubhouse, 8:15pm

January 31, DETOUR, Whitefire Theatre, 8pm

January 29, Charity Night, USC, 9:30pm

January 29, Fool's Gold, Santa Monica, 8pm

January 25, Oh My Ribs, 10pm

January 20 The Scramble, Pack Theater, 12pm


January 17, Sleeping with Mark & Friends, Fahrenheit LA, 8pm

January 17, All Time Favorite, Gold Diggers, 7pm

January 12: You Kids Get Off My Lawn, The Clubhouse, 7pm

January 10: Laugh Party, Westside Comedy Theater, 8pm